Through partnerships with individuals and other organizations, our series of programs will cover scholarship opportunities for children and students, access to technology (computers, internet, learning software, etc.), improvement of public school facilities, and innovative initiatives that will assist literacy and educational activities.
We facilitate, and are committed to building a network of an educated generation by helping one child at a time.

Through 2015, the Project’s strategic focus is in developing programs with our partners and individuals who voluntarily sponsor any initiative. The Knightbridge Project is 100% responsible for fund development. Under this structure, our primary means of supporting the global effort will not be to solicit funds but rather in developing partnerships and engaging in hands-on activities in the regions where we operate.

SUCDC - STEM Foundation (Houston, Texas)
The South Union Community Development Corporation is a 501c3 non-profit organization established to help develop the South Union community and surrounding areas of the Houston area. Our vision is “Sowing Seeds of Success” and providing a “Ray of Hope” into the community with the awareness that “Achieving Goals is Obtainable with Knowledge and Technology.”

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