"When you give a child a book you don't give just 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue - you give a whole new life." - Christopher Morley 


Readers Connect is a free community literacy program where students from classes one through six participate in reading and writing activities under the supervision of an educator.

How It Works

  1. Interactive Read Alouds with a special guest (A special guest reads a story and engages students.)
  2. Read to Self (Students independently read books on their own.)
  3. Read to Someone (Students read with a partner)
  4. Listen to Reading (Students listen to online audiobooks, magazines, and recorded Read Alouds, etc. on a computer device.)
  5. Work on Writing (Students respond to their reading with a written response.)
  6. Word Work (Students work on a variety of vocabulary-enhancing activities.)


Hours of Operation

The Readers Connect will meet on Saturdays from 8AM- 3PM. Parents must pick their students up by 3pm.


Important Information:

  • Students will register and receive an ID card/daily pass.
  • We will also collect parent and other important contact information
  • An adult must accompany the student and be present for their stay on our premises.



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