Field Report

On behalf of the students and staff, please accept our sincere appreciation for the participation you each gave. The school has made a real difference for the last 6 years, and people like you truly help. Please a wholehearted thank you to everyone in your organization.
- Sunkwa Manfo

We are building our library and improving our ICT building. Thank you Mr. Obeng for taking the time and money to help us start this that we have been trying so long.
- Mrs. Rosamund Appenteng

Thank you for helping our team define our goals and vision as thoroughly as you did. You are truly a blessing and touching many more people’s lives than you know. You ask tough questions and we appreciate it because we are working hard for the program and the kids every day. God bless you and keep the faith. I know it wasn't the ideal situation, but thank you for opening your hearts to what we are trying to do here me.
- Aphram

On behalf of the students and staff, please accept our sincere appreciation for the participation you each gave. Thank you for the donations and they go a long way.
- Dennis M.

The boxes of books and especially the time you spent with us is very nice and gracious of you Eric. we wanted to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who helped make this happen.
- Faakye H, Labone 

Thank you for the time and support you have given to us. The children are very grateful and we pray for your continued success just as you have been a blessing to us also.
- M. Adjemo

It is inspirational to see individuals and groups take steps to reach people in countries they do not have any ties to. That is very kind and our team will be available to help in any capacity.
- Vahe Patrice

Knightbridge’s work is helpful especially because you are side by side with the grass root groups who know what works. Many companies and people promise our youth innovative and technological materials but it is very difficult to receive the promises. Your active approach to helping education in Monrovia is different and good.
- DHA Society

Please despite your work, giving aid to African students is continuing the same cycle that allows governments to ignore their responsibilities for foreign charities and Ngo’s to do. Good work and very respected.
- Az. H

Thank you very much for your help and your advices. I am very glad to confirm that we have received a lot of positive feedbacks to your meeting last month. I would like to thank you all for your contributions to our work.  We appreciate your guidance and your experience has been very valuable.  Thanks again!!...
- Akwasi Ohemeng

The statistics are depressing for young children with so much promise but inadequate resources. It’s good to see a group who focus on people, and not numbers. We wish you much success in your efforts in Africa.
- Tordor B

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