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I met Frank in January 1998 at Knightsbridge, London. His gift to a young boy was an encouragement to take a proactive approach to his education, and find opportunities in life despite the challenges. He became a mentor to someone determined to learn, with the courage to survive and a heart to succeed in life.
I am a product of Frank's support, and that is my inspiration to reach out to other young minds who may someday share a version of my story, in their own words.

The goal of the Knightbridge Project is to build sustainable educational platforms with learning resources, technology and ICT, and academic scholarships. We work primarily in Ghana and Liberia, West Africa. The invitation to our global community is to join the challenge to continue building a framework to give one child a chance in a knowledge-driven global society. I am confident that together we can reach young minds and give hope in more ways than we can ever imagine. 

Through our impartial selection processes, we use our resources as a link towards an intercultural and scholarly exchange, educational opportunities, and a brighter future. We accept the responsibility to inspire and deliver positive change in the face of adversity, enriched by our diversity and genuine commitment toward our goal. Our initiative is only a piece of a giant puzzle,-our partners make it possible. The Knightbridge Project initiative is a product of a simple idea, inspired by a worthy cause and a continuing effort to make a difference. 

Many years ago, I was the kid in that classroom without the windows and the doors. I wished that someone would stop by, - a perfect stranger with a smile, and maybe a few words of encouragement. I didn't need their money, and I didn't need their food, - just a friendly face to say hello. . . . But no one came.
Many years later, the kids in those same classrooms wish for the same. They do not ask for money or do not ask for food. They have ambitions for a bright future, the desire to learn, and the willingness to stretch their imaginations with the little that they have. All they wish for is a friendly face or a stranger to say hello. That is what I once wished for. . . . Then it dawned on me that I am the stranger I was wishing for.

I am Eric Obeng-Amoako Edmonds, and this is my story.


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