The Knightbridge Project is an independent, not-for-profit educational organization that supports educational initiatives worldwide. Our mission is to help the world's helping hands reach the world's needy minds, through learning and education. Our work primarily focusses on Ghana and Liberia, both in West Africa. We share the strong conviction that for many children around the world, a guarantee of a bright future begins with offering an opportunity to acquire knowledge, and particularly so in an ever-changing global society.

We are NOT affiliated with any religious, ethnic, gender or national group, rather our undertaking is to assist in building a network of a diverse intellectual global community. All contributions to project initiatives are privately awarded and managed to sponsors requirements. Due to our evolving operations scope, we do not accept sponsorships as a 501(c)(3) public charity. We continue to receive inquiries for funding sources and tax-deductible donations from prospective donors – but we adhere to non-solicitation as a management policy and preference.

The Knightbridge Project believes that together we can help bridge the knowledge gap, in spite of the limitations. For every child that we successfully give the desire and opportunity to learn, it is one more future and hope we have given to a needy mind somewhere in the world. This is our core value.

What Drives Us
Value #1: We are a private charity foundation driven by genuine interests and passions.
Value #2: Education has a great potential to improve lives around the world.
Value #3: We are not only funders, - we actively engage in projects.
Value #4: We identify specific strategies and implement practical programs.
Value #5: We take risks, and move with urgency.
Value #6: We are humble and mindful in our actions and words.
Value #7: We treat our supporters as valued partners, with respect and accountability.
Value #8: We plan to grow, open to change, and committed to delivering results.
Value #9: Our challenge is daunting, but we can start with ONE. .


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