Primary Literacy Initiative

We are teachers coaching teachers through shared educational experiences.

Primary Literacy Initiative’s focus is to provide a platform for teachers to coach fellow teachers through shared educational experiences and training. Within the program, teachers are inspired to develop a rigorous and impactful literacy foundation with the goal of transforming students into lifelong readers, writers, and thinkers.

In the West African countries where we work, the Knightbridge Project is committed to building the capacities of primary literacy (reading and writing) educators. In Ghana, Liberia, and beyond, we recognize primary-level literacy as a fundamental building block to education, and our initiative is committed to making that a reality for all children. Through our work, we are confident that together, we can improve essential early literacy instruction in our local communities.

At the core of what we do is promoting rigorous instructional models and practices that transform literacy instruction. We achieve this by leveraging the classroom experiences of our teacher network coupled with our three-pronged approach to information sharing: coaching, mentoring, and interactive workshops.

Since 2020, through our 3-pronged approach; teachers who participated in Primary Literacy Initiative have achieved measurable results in the following areas:

The design outcomes include:

  • Primary-level reading development of students
  • Instructional expertise in an African/global context
  • Develop rigorous literacy instructional models
  • Classroom management skills
  • Social and emotional learning (SEL)
  • Learning communities of teachers



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