The Challenge

Hope for a Millennium

The Millennium Development Goals were established by the United Nations to help underdeveloped countries to overcome problems of illiteracy, poverty, low health status, and quality of life. Much emphasis was placed on the attainment of MDG targets in education because of its pivotal role in national development.

The year 2015 was chosen as an important milestone at which point a comprehensive assessment of goal achievements would be made. The facts on the ground are often more demoralizing than encouraging. The Knightbridge initiative believes that the United Nations resolutions and developmental targets alone cannot fix the crises, rather every one of us can join with our efforts as our global community responds to a daunting challenge.
For Knightbridge, our vision is to be the world’s helping hands to reach the world’s needy minds.
Our passion: Building Bridges.

Promoting access to educational resources, and encouraging education in primary school-aged children to reach their potential.

We undertake carefully selected cost-effective and practical projects that reach children who otherwise never get such support and encouragement. Young students get the resources and assistance to empower them for their own future.

Why We Care

We care because of the ever-increasing need to extend educational outreach programs to children who need them around our world.

We care because investing in educational initiatives can become a starting point to halt the perpetual cycle of charity and dependency.

We care because we can all make a difference in our small way, irrespective of our resources and limitations.

We care because we can encourage active participation in the learning process for less fortunate children around our world.

We care because we can find children who dare to dream and give them a meaningful reason to pursue it.

We care because we want to. There are a million ways to make a difference. This is ours.



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