How Our Projects Work

We care because reaching out to the needy hearts and minds is our service to our world community. In doing so, if we can affect the life of one child, we have made a powerful impact. Our focus transcends conservative charity programs; we emphasize active participation in the learning process through both traditional and innovative ideas. 
At Knightbridge Project we care because ours is a worthy cause if we can give genuine hope to one child, one heart, and one mind, anywhere in the world.

We help primary and elementary school students get access to instructive resources through a collaborative effort with libraries, academic institutions, and publishers. Through our partnerships with local libraries, primary schools in Liberia, Ghana, and Sierra Leone are principal recipients. 

We can either sit around and debate what's possible, or we can pick an idea and get to work.
Talking is easy, doing is hard. Let's do something.  



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